19 April, 2010


Yep, Jasper checks his emails too (and doesn't like it when you look over his shoulder, either ...)

Anyway, before he kicks me off, I've just got time to tell you what a lovely lunch break I had today. The weather was warm and sunny so I decided to go here ...

I sat on those steps behind the fountain. It was lovely! I "networked" OOOO hark at me!

Our Easter break was a bit fraught - my mother in law was rushed into intensive care with pneumonia, she has smoked for most of her life so her chest was weak to start with and we were told to expect the worst. I honestly was thinking about arranging her funeral, it was that grave. By Easter Monday she was sitting up in bed, drinking and eating! It was amazing how quickly she turned herself around. That woman is as strong as an ox, I swear! She came home on Friday! She's still quite weak but she's come an extremely long way considering she was on the brink. The nurse told Gary to try and wake her at one point as she was no longer sedated, just sleeping, when she shook her gently, her SATS (whatever they are) dropped to the floor and the alarms went off - I can laugh now when I think what Gary's face looked like, but at the time it was more than scary. His eyes went all wide and you could see he kakked it!

I'll tell you about my new car tomorrow ...

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