20 April, 2010

New Car!

We decided last year that we were going to change our car for a newer one, after all we'd had it for seven years but it just seemed dated now and it was time to update. We hummed and hawed over what to get, eventually settling on a BMW or a Ford Focus ST. I wanted a BMW but himself wanted an ORANGE Focus. Never in a million years. Zip. Nada. No way was I driving around in something that you can see from half a mile away. Now don't get me wrong, I love my cars, always going for the sportier type than a bog standard run of the mill job - had to have extras on it, nice wheels, big engine, plenty of buttons inside, you get my drift, so a BMW seemed right up my street.

Every car showroom we went to, he headed for the ST's, I headed for the Beemer's. That is, til I actually sat in one, and I was sold on an ST, but couldn't be swayed on a bright orange one. I swear they glow in the dark.

After six months, we finally saw one in Cardiff. I test drove it as apparently, in Gary's words to the salesman (and I quote), "She needs to test it cos she doesn't know if she can drive (read "handle") it or not." You can imagine the salesman's face. Ok, it *is* very fast, responsive and in one of my friends words, "it's like shit off a stick" for which I don't apologise for writing because I thought it was too funny not to quote him, but I love it, and we bought it there and then.

By the time we got home - Gary drove - I was "G" forced up against the seat the whole way down the motorway - the turbo was in the whole way - I was a nervous wreck about driving it to work the next day. He told me so many things I had to remember, I think I was shaking by the time I drove it.

He said, "Don't drive fast onto the roundabout, or you'll end up in it." By the time I'd driven it a couple of days, I tried out his theory (guess what? You don't). He really wasn't impressed that his baby (the car, not me) had the turbo brought in by someone other than himself. Sheesh, it's so highly polished that I don't think any of the volcanic dust that we're experiencing here at the moment is able to stick to it.

This isn't my actual car, but it's close enough to what we have ...

So, what do you think?

(Just in case you didn't believe how "orange" it is - trust me, it's sodding bright.)

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Gina said...

Quite like the orange, but I have my heart set on a Magenta Fiesta...