22 April, 2010


Yesterday, Gary had an appointment with a Consultant about his knee. This time last year he fell off a ladder in work and landed (like a cat) on his feet, but it did something to his knee which swelled up like a balloon. Now men being men, refused to go and see about it, just rested it up for a few days and gritted his teeth through the pain. Well since then, that knee has never been right. He was cleaning the car (not the new one) on New Years Eve and he said when he bent down to clean the wheels, he felt something "go". It put him off work for three weeks, it was that bad.

I offered to take him to the hospital there and then, but no, he wouldn't have it. The next day it snowed quite heavily so he buggered himself up and couldn't go even if he wanted to. He was in agony though, you know that pain that you just don't know where to put yourself because whatever you do, the pain just doesn't go away? Well, he was in that state.

Eventually he took himself to the hospital who x-rayed it and told him that they couldn't see anything wrong but to make an appointment to see his doctor and get referred back to them - yes, I know. It's frustrating. He waited four months for this appointment only to be told that he'd need a scan which will take four weeks to organise and after that another two weeks for the results. Sheesh.

In the interim though, he paid to see a physio therapist who advised him to try and keep the tendons from seizing up. Gary goes to the gym a lot, he's not ripped but he's solid. All muscle from using weights all the time. He was told to use light weights on his legs but with plenty of reps, which he's been doing and has really helped with the stiffness and pain management. I feel sorry for him because he likes to go for walks with Bec and me but can only manage a short one now before it starts to throb, bless him. We tend to park the car a lot closer to where we need to get to and not stay out for long. Aw, I really feel for him. Hope it's sorted out soon, he'll go demented if he can't go for walks when we're on holiday. He loves to go for long walks along the beach or promenades but I think that'll be out because I really can't see him taking his crutches ...

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Karen said...

Oh no, I hope he's feeling better soon. I'm sure once he finds out what is going on in there, and gets it treated properly, he'll be good as new!