23 April, 2010

Tea Set

When my grandmother died, my mum and I had to clear her house which to be honest had to be one of the most traumatic things I've ever done - everyone who knows me knew that my grandmother was my two eyes, I absolutely adored her.

Anyway, she had three English Bone China Tea Sets and I had put them away in a cupboard where I would take them out once in a while, wash them and put them back. I was autumn cleaning the house last October (I do it every quarter) and was pulling them back out for their clean and thought to myself, why am I not displaying her china? It doesn't have much worth, but it's priceless to me because it was *hers*. I realised that not one set was complete and set about searching online and little china shops nearby to see if I could complete them. I know one is well over 60 years old so I thought I'd have little chance of finding anything. Guess what? After six months, I have finally managed to complete two out of the three sets (the third is extremely hard and haven't managed to find one thing for it yet).

So, although it might not seem a lot, I can't tell you how proud I am to display these two lovely tea sets ...

I the top one has had a teacup, sugar bowl, milk jug and cake plate, the lower three teacups, a saucer and two side plates. I looked *for ever* for a saucer then six showed up on ebay all at once!!! Now isn't that just typical! Either that or my grandmother felt my frustration and thought, "hurry up and finish this quest already!!!"

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Lesleyanne said...

Lovely tea sets. Nice to have them on show.