18 April, 2010

Has it really been that long?

Well that scarf that was going to be done every day didn't last! I gave up after day 4 or 5 because I just didn't like how it was turning out, the yarn was extremely scratchy which isn't exactly the best thing to wear next to skin with psoriasis and last but not least, I had to rip back at least four times on day 4 and got fed up - yup that was the crux of it methinks (and anyone who knows me will be agreeing with me here, its okay, I'm in total agreement!)

So, what have I been doing with myself? Well, knitting mainly but I've also started another cross stitch ...

In the voice of dear old Rolf Harris ... can you tell what it is yet?!

I've had a major upheaval in work culminating in my department coming under a new directorship. I'm not happy about it at the moment as it's such a major change, but the worst part about it is that I am now working on the second floor and the major part of my work i.e. giving keys out to contractors and housing officers is still on the ground floor. I'm averaging going up and down those stairs 16 times a day ... everyone says how fit I'll be but to be honest it's not funny, I'm totally shattered and no-one seems to get how hard my job has now become.

Last week I paid for our holiday to Turkey. We didn't go anywhere last year so I'm really looking forward to it. The only fly in the ointment is will the air be clear enough for the plane to take off! That volcanic eruption doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon you know. It was strange looking up at the blue skies over the weekend and not see any vapour trails across the sky, apparently I live under one of the busiest routes for the US to the UK. It was very odd.

Gary has an appointment to see a Consultant on Wednesday about his knee - did I ever mention that? Well, I'll explain all about that once he's been, it'll make more sense.

More tomorrow. If not - poke me!

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Lesleyanne said...

Nice to have you back in the blogging world. Lovely progress on your mermaid. Hope everthing gets better soon.