07 December, 2009

Calendar Scarf - Day 2

See, I'm diligently still knitting ... (believe that I'm gonna be knitting this every day and you'll believe anything!)

Here's a close up ...

Today's task looks quite complicated so I'm giving myself time to try and get it right and putting a lifeline in, just in case. I've got to drop a stitch and let it run to the yo (yarn over), now *thats* what I call S-C-A-R-Y!!!

Karen - why don't you pick up your cross stitch and see if you can finish it this time? We can encourage each other, although I can tell you now, there won't be much done tomorrow night -Holby City and CSI Miami or Wednesday (Waterloo Road, Spooks and True Blood). Thursday is looking good so far but Friday is my works do so I can't see me doing any when I get home.

Who says my life is ruled by tv?? ;-)

Just gonna vent for a bit, so you can skip this if you want but here goes. We have a new contractor who has a serious attitude problem. He's the type that now he's "in" he thinks that he's entitled to get first dibs at every job that comes in and if he doesn't he thinks I'm out to "get" him. Now, any normal person would realise that I have had contractors going back over 20 years and if there is very little work around, I'm obviously going to give work to them over a newcomer, although I'm actually known for being very fair to everyone and do my best to keep everyone happy with a good amount of work and everyone ticking over. Not him. He's one of these people who is slimy, tries to be clever (he's not) and is very sarcastic ... Now I'm not a rude person but he really rubs me up the wrong way and I've been told (from a very reliable source) that "if I don't buck my ideas up and give him work he's gonna report me". I hope you can see me shaking in my boots because I haven't slept since I've heard this ... NOT!!! I've obviously skipped over the part of his contract where it says I *owe* him a living.

Ok, I'm done - he's not bothering me, but I just wanted to get it out of my system.

Since I've had this chest cold last week, my skin has really dried up and my psoriasis is playing the devil with me, right now I'm sitting in my satin pj's (they're the best thing against my skin), bandages from the tops of my arms to my wrists and bandages from my knees to my toes - how attractive ... warm though so no complaints there! It's going to be proper winter weather over the next few days so maybe it's a good thing!

The postie knocked the door last week and was greeted to a coughing fit. "Never mind," he said, "better it's this week than in a fortnight." Bless him, he says the nicest things ...

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Karen said...

Hey Nic, the scarf is looking good. Have you made any more progress?? I nominated you for a blog award! Visit my blog to see what it is. ; )