25 August, 2009

Woodland Shawl Take 2!

Woodland Shawl
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My mum was so taken with mine that I decided to make her one for Christmas this year. It's made with Unicorn Yarn, the content of which won't be revealed until around January/February of next year. Suffice to say, it's extremely soft, like alpaca or angora and and absolute joy to knit with so if you get a chance to try some, please do! I haven't washed or blocked it yet so I can't show you how pretty it is but I'll definitely update when I do.

We decided that I needed a new microwave - I had a tiny bit of rust coming through so I wasn't happy using it - anyway, off we toddled to all the electrical shops. Gary went straight to the t.v.'s (as they invariably do) so I had no option but to go find him when I'd decided on the microwave. Yep, you've guessed it, we are now the proud owner of a Sony Bravia 40" job. It's big and scary .... I couldn't watch it for a couple of days cos the damn thing was giving me a headache... hmm ...

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