26 August, 2009

Japanese Feather Stole

Japanese Feather Stole - 1
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Now that I'm totally addicted to lace, I've decided to have a go at a "proper" lace stole. This particular design is by Anne Hanson and called Japanese Feather Stole. Of course, the colour is called "Mermaid" and it's an absolute joy to knit. It's totally forgiving should I make a mistake as it's so lacy I don't think a mistake or two here and there will make much difference to the overall pattern. It's 2 ply lace - something I never, ever contemplating knitting with, 4 ply used to be scary enough - compared to 2 ply, 4 ply is positively *chunky*!!!


Karen said...

So pretty, Nicola! :) You're on a roll these days.

Karen said...

Nicola, I can't seem to find your e-mail address. :(

Anonymous said...

I would like to make this pattern, but, I'd like to try the sequence first.
Without giving the PATTERN AWAY, how couid I do a swatch size sample? Minimal cast on and do about 10 rows?

Any tips on on complicated it is?

Thanks so much! moijill at yahoo dot com!