31 August, 2009

Calm before the storm ...

We've bought another poot - yeah, I know, we go a-wandering and then all hell breaks loose and we end up buying something that (I think) we don't need. It all started when Bec bought herself a netbook out of her birthday money, we needed to go wireless in order for her to be able to connect so it all went from there. In the end, bless her, my techie friend, Sue had to come over and set it up properly because I just didn't have a clue. In all fairness she said herself that Virgin wasn't the easiest of systems to set up so I didn't feel to incompetent. She had to phone the helpline a couple of times (pretending it was me), I had to laugh when she mentioned that it was "her husband's account" . It seemed to just trip off the tongue! Now I keep teasing her and Gary about "his other wife ..." goes down a storm, not. Anyway we now have Vista which I quite like although there's an awful lot of phaffing around that doesn't seem necessary with it but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I went to the cinema with Bec and Sue last week. We fancied seeing "The Ugly Truth". I honestly thought it was mis-certificated as a 15 though, 18 was more like it. I squirmed through the entire thing as Bec sat next to me while Sue laughed her head off. So no, I won't be buying it when it comes out on dvd ... Aw, stop laughing. It was sex this, and innuendo that, blatent sexual references right though it all ... hmmm!!!

I've had some serious problems in work with the team I work for, or if I'm really honest, one particular person who is so highly strung that she will dictate what mood the office will be in for the day. She's one of the reasons the doctor put me on anti-depressants because I just couldn't cope with all the hysterical fits and foul language being continually screeched out all day. Anyway, she has been on long term sick and both myself and Sarah (who has recently just joined out team from another department) took over her job and I loved it. Not only was the job really enjoyable, I got to know Sarah better and we worked so well as a team, both learning the job as we went along and pulling together if we weren't sure what we were doing and getting the job done between us. The other person made the job look really difficult, when in reality it isn't. It's just a matter of juggling and keeping on top of things, which, when you have an organised mind, is really quite easy. Sure, you get the odd curve ball but you just work through them, if you foul up (like I have quite a few times), you just admit it, work through it, ask for help if you need it - and I've realised that there are so many people that will go out of their way to do this - and move on. Anyway, just before I finished work for my holiday, my line managers had me in the office to discuss my job. They were really happy with the way I kept on top of the contractors, knowing exactly where they were on the job and giving them tenders when they were just finishing, and if they lost everything and had no work for the following week I'd give them smaller jobs that didn't need tendering for to do so they at least had work for their men to get one with. Anyway, it's just keeping balls up in the air basically and they know the rub with me, I treat them well if it's reciprocated and so far everyone is happy, so happy in fact that contractors have asked the bosses directly if I can carry on with the job as there was no screaming and shouting and swearing going on with me unlike someone else who treated them like trash. Anyway, I told them I was more than happy to carry on but my old job would also have to be shared too. They want it that way too so that everyone knows what everyone does in case of long term sick, holidays etc, the department can carry on running smoothly which is fair enough. My line manager phoned me on Wednesday for a chat - yep, can't last a week without me! - and told me that he was getting my colleague in that afternoon to tell her of the plans. On the outside of it she said she was happy, but Sarah texted me and told me that she's spitting nails. I'm so excited about going back on Wednesday, I can hardly sleep ...not. I think a certain person will have one hell of a shock when she realises how much of a team Sarah and I have become in her absence too. We literally do as much as we can for each other to ease our workloads, it's complete teamwork and we call ourselves Team Grenfell and Cadogan! Yeah, we're sad, you can say it ...!

I have serious start-itis and finish-itis at the moment. Since finishing off a pair of socks last night which took far too long to make I've pulled out my Central Park Hoodie which I aim to finish up in the next couple of weeks. I've decided I'm not going to knit the hood though, I'm going to make a collar instead. Ooo, hark at me! Modifying patterns! I've never heard the like!

After that, I'll be on Mr Greenjeans . My mother has seen how far I've gotten with this one - do you know that it's knitted all in one from the top down?! - that she'd quite like one too! Looks like I'll be making her one for Christmas but lets see how mine turns out first. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Karen said...

Fingers crossed! Hey, if a hoodie doesn't have a hood, is it still called a hoodie?? Glad to hear you are getting along better at work. There is strength in numbers! So even when Ms. High-Strung comes back, it will be you and your new team mate against her! Two to one! ;)