18 August, 2008

Our cat, Jasper

Just took him for his annual check up and jabs and we've found out that he has a heart murmur. On a scale of 1 to 6, his is around a 3, so it's quite a significant one. He's absolutely fine in himself though which is a good thing. The vet wants to keep a closer eye on him so it'll mean more trips to see her, but that's okay, at least we can get him on medication as soon as he needs it. It's a good thing that I've just taken out insurance (just last week in fact). Just hope that it's valid for any xrays etc he might need.


Sam said...

Sorry to hear about Jasper's heart murmur. I'm sure that he'll be ok & that they will be keeping a close eye on his progress.

Belated happy 40th birthday too! :o)

Redwitch said...

I was only thinking you hadn't posted in a long time the other day and now 2 come along together LOL.

Firstly - Happy 40th Birthday!
Secondly - I really hope Jasper is ok, fingers crossed for him!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I hope Jasper is ok. Strangely enough, I was told for the first time at Casey's checkup last month that she had a heart murmer too and she's 10 now. Wonder why they never mentioned it before? It's something they're born with isn't it?