20 August, 2008

Deepest Love!

I'm finally on the tail! I have to be totally honest with you and say that I haven't enjoyed stitching her at all which is unusual for me as I love stitching mermaids. I'm hating the swirly thing that's wrapped around her too!

Deep down I know that when she's done and I can see both her and Queen Mermaid together, they'll look stunning as I think they'll really compliment one another. She's just never been my favourite mermaid - that would be Mermaid of the Pearls who shimmers in my bathroom!

I'm hoping to get her done by the end of August - mind you I've been saying that since around March, heh heh! Considering Queen Mermaid only took me 6 weeks, this one has really bombed me out, taking nearly a year so far.

After she's done I'm going to have to start (and finish) Passione Ricamo's Country Sunset, and I'm really looking forward to that ... NOT. But it's my mother's Christmas present so I'll really need some encouragement to keep on track with that one. Hint, hint!

I've listed some 2008 goals on Stitch Direct's forum, and so far I have achieved the grand finish of .... NONE!


Sam said...

You're getting there Nicola - I'm sure that your mermie will soon be stitched. I saw one finished version of DL where the stitcher had used blending filament to stitch the area that is meant to be see-through on the thing wrapped around her so it looked shimmery and very pretty. DL & QM are going to look very special together indeed!

Anonymous said...

You're not far off now and she's looking beautiful Nicola. Don't give up on her :o)

Redwitch said...

Please stop by my blog and pick up an award :)

Your mermaid is looking great! It's weird how some designs just zip along and others are not so inspiring isn't it?

Good luck with your PR piece too!

Trixie said...

Hi - I just found your blog (via redwitch) and i'm having the same exact issue w/my DLove that you are! Funny. I too did my QMermaid pretty quickly and decided this would go well with it. Sadly, I'm working her veil-thing before finishing her tail. It is tedious.

But all that aside, you're doing a lovely job. Imagine the end game. ;o)


Mel said...

Its really coming along. I have her in my to do pile with a conversion.

Littleflame said...