08 May, 2008


We took Bec to see the Consultant today about her nosebleeds. I had a phone call from the school at 3.30 telling me that she really wasn't feeling well after a terrible nosebleed and could I fetch her as the nurse wasn't happy about her walking home. Bless her.

We got there early but had to wait an eternity to see him, but the wait was well worth it. He must have been one of the most calmest, patient men in history. He really was great. After asking a series of questions, he asked Bec if he could examine her nose which she was quite happy to do. He said he would like to cauterise her nose today to see if he could stop it before we went on holiday, that way we could all relax and she could recooperate. Once she heard that she got really upset and wouldn't let him near her. She wasn't kicking or screaming the place down or anything, she just shied away every time he went near her. So after much persuasion from us all, she eventually let him do his thing. It took less than 20 seconds .... she's had several nosebleeds every day since two days before Easter, and it was all over in less than 20 seconds. I could have kissed him.

He was worried about her blood levels given the amount of nosebleeds and the intensity of them she's had of late, so he's written me a note to take to the doctor tomorrow in order for her to have a blood test so that she can have some iron. I don't think she really realises how ill she's been. She's totally wiped out all the time and I think she's got used to it. I can't wait for her to start taking iron so that she can appreciate how good it is to live her life without getting absolutely washed out. She can't even cope with a short walk and school is completely wiping her out. She gets home and has to lie down for an hour.

He wants to see her again before we go away, just to check on her and then he'll sign her off.

Best £110 I've ever spent.

Thanks to all that sent their good wishes to her, they were really appreciated and its good to know that she's being thought of during this time. Big hugs to all.


Lady Val said...

That's wonderful that you were able to get Bec's nosebleed issue resolved!! Hope she starts feeling better very soon.

Sam said...

Sounds like a good investment of your money Nicola. Hugs to you all & hope that Bec's back up to speed soon.

Sally said...

So pleased to hear that Bec's appointment went well. I hope she's soon 100% again and able to enjoy life {{{hugs}}}