09 May, 2008


Took Bec for a blood test this morning, thought it better to do it sooner rather than later seeing as we have the weekend. The surgery told me that the results would be back by Tuesday and to ring in the afternoon.
After waiting in the cattle market, er, waiting room to be called (not bad, only waited an hour) we were seen. This was 11 a.m.
By 2.30, I had a phone call from the surgery, her results were in and the iron levels were so low that they wanted her to start taking ferrous sulphate straight away. They would keep the surgery open if I could call there now. Of course, no problem. I knew she was ill, but didn't realise her iron levels were *that* low. Not only that, the doctor wants to see her first thing on Monday morning. Miraculously there was an appointment made for her at 8.40 in the morning. Most of you in the UK know how hard it is to get an appointment that quick, so she must be ill.
Anyway, at least she has this weekend to relax and let the medicine do its work, of course, she won't be going to school anytime soon, I want to be absolutely certain she's fit and well before that happens.
She has to have more blood tests, but she was so brilliant this morning, that I have no worries about taking her for them. She was so brilliant. Although we did have a moment when we thought she was going to pass out ... she didn't but it was touch and go for a moment.
Thanks once again for your lovely comments and good wishes, it really is comforting to read that she's in your thoughts.
Bless you all.


Chiloe said...

I keepmy fingers crossed for us: ron suplement ans rest should do the trick ;)

(((hugs )))

Sally said...

I hope Bec's is feeling much better soon.