14 April, 2008

She Loves It!

Well Bec started school last Wednesday, her Head of Year put her in with her friend from orchestra and apparently, a lovely quiet class. Her teacher is very approachable, fair and won't tolerate bullying, so that's a positive thing. I was told that the staff would be watching out for her for a while whilst she settles in and Bec has told me that she feels quite safe in school.

She has joined a "clique" of 16 girls! Can you imagine that lot meeting up during break? It must be like a gaggle of geese! But the main thing is, she's absolutely loving it. She's a totally different girl now. Before she was quite sullen and quick tempered, now she's smiling and warm again just like she used to be before she started Comprehensive. I really feel like I'm getting my lovely chick back again.


Chiloe said...

That's a wonderful news !!! You must feel so relieved .

Michelle said...

Glad Bec is enjoying her new school and long may it continue. I know just what she has been through and it is awful and I hope those girls or the one in particular is a distant memory. I also hope her other 'friends' are throughly ashamed of themselves.
But they said the other day it is the bullies who are weak as that is the only way they can assert their power-they are probably jealous of the beautiful young girl Bec is developing into-that latest picture of her is a beauty.

Karen said...

I'm happy to hear Bec is doing so well and seems happier! Growing up can be tough, that's for sure.