06 April, 2008

Change of School

Bec has been really miserable at school lately, she's been bullied by this particular girl that's in her group of friends for the past two years off and on but its got to the stage where we think she's having stress nosebleeds - big nosebleeds. I don't know if such a thing actually exists but it seems that when she's having a particularly hard time with her, she gets really heavy nosebleeds.

We decided a few weeks ago that we'd give her the option of changing schools. We pointed out the pros and cons and if you'd have seen the relief in her face, we are pretty certain that it's the right thing to do. She's going to the local catchment school, starting on Wednesday. We have an interview tomorrow with the Deputy Headmaster, then she'll start officially on Wednesday. She's really looking forward to going as she has friends from orchestra that go there. It's quite refreshing actually because she's usually dreading going back to school after a break as this Lauren girl always makes sure that she's turned her friends against Bec just before they break up and Bec will end up on her own over the school holidays. You know what it's like, the ringleader will call the shots and if anyone goes against her, then they are ousted too. What's more, she makes sure that Bec knows what a great holiday they are all having by making her other friends text her or go onto MSN to wind her up - nasty, cruel, vicious little girl.

This holiday hasn't been too bad for her though as she wasn't in school during the last couple of days of term due to, yep, heavy nosebleeds again - I think she was winding herself up for the school holiday to be honest with you - but as she wasn't there, they haven't been as bad. She's met up with a couple of her friends a couple of times and gone to the new Leisure Centre which has recently been turned into an aqua park and has really enjoyed herself.

She's been telling me that she's been on MSN again and has caught her friends out on a couple of shopping trips that they haven't invited her to. Its not that she minds not being invited, its the fact that they seem to rub her nose in it that gets to her. I've told her that this time next week her old friends will be a distant memory. Her new ones actually can't wait for her to start, they all want to look out for her and take her under her wing, so I think she might have mentioned what's been going on previously. I'm glad that she can open up and talk to them too.
Watch this space!

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Chiloe said...

It's great you took that decision and you are so lucky she told you all about it. I hope she'll make great new friend in that new school ;-)