14 January, 2008

Here we are again

Decided over the weekend to take a break from knitting a sock and start Fetching instead. After quite a shaky start - I really should read and re-read instructions, you know, I was surprised to finish them on Sunday night after only starting them late on Saturday afternoon (for the 5th time ...)

I'll post a pic of my hand actually in them later (I stupidly deleted it!)

I have a better pic of my sock ...

In this one you can actually see what the pattern is supposed to look like. I'm enjoying it, but it's just taking forever!

Had another incident with a bus driver this morning, I was sitting next to the emergency exit, minding my own business and texting a pal, when all of a sudden the door swung open - I swear my hair stood on end - and he was trying to hand a brolly over to a lady in the back seat. "Bloody hell" (apparently that came out a lot louder than I thought) to which Mervyn burst out laughing, then started cajoling me, he nearly got hit over the head with my umbrella. Why on earth can't he walk up the bus like the rest of us??? Heh heh!

Driving to work this morning, I was flipping through the channels on the radio (I can't stand listening to the sports news which is on the 3 local channels all at the same time) and started listening to Radio 2 - Terry Wogan. He had just received an email from someone in Wales who was complaining about the recent weather forecast. She said that he'd mentioned high winds. HIGH WINDS??? It's like a hurricane down here, she said. Her bins were doing a lap around the garden, her fish pond had so many waves on it that surfers were turning up and droves and her knickers were last seen blowing up the M4 towards London ... I was screaming. People were looking at me ... stop laughing!!!!


Michelle said...

The knitting looks great even if it is taking a while.
You don't mix any better with bus drivers than you do posties Nichola lol-hope you got over the hair raising experience and are ok now.
The images conjured up from that radio phone in made me laugh too. :-)

Little Cat said...

LOL at the radio. I would have been laughing my head off too.

What is it with you and bus drivers? lol