24 January, 2008

Bus Drivers ... Again!!!

Heh heh, well last night I decided to get the job application form done and dusted. It was no good just looking at me, it wasn't going to fill itself in, so I spent a good while musing and then settling down to it last night.

Rather than squashing the form into my bag this morning, I carried in. Big mistake. I got as far as the office and realised I'd left the blasted thing on the bus, argh!!!!

Now, the Park and Ride drops me off on The Kingsway and trundles off to The Quadrant. No way was I going to catch him there, so I pelted back up the length of The Kingsway (boy it felt a long way!) then around the corner to where I could pick it up at St Mary's Square. As I rounded the corner, I could see the bus coming up the road - no way was I going to make it, I turned tail and ran up to the High Street. Now I was in a dilemma ... would he see me as its not normal for anyone to be picked back up at that time of the morning, everyone is getting dropped off, plus I had a delivery van parked in the bus stop to contend with ... hmm ....

The bus came around and I waved frantically and realised it wasn't the driver that took me down, but it was the same bus. My brain by this time was even more fuzzled than it normally is. Do I still stop him? Yep, it was worth a go.

Now I had a Polish driver to contend with - he's a really nice, friendly chap but I didn't know how much English he could speak.

"Did you just switch with Mervyn back at the Quadrant?" I said, frantically pointing in the general direction of the Quadrant. He looked a bit scared at what must have been a mad woman waving her hands in his face.

"Eventually he nodded, "Yes, Quadrant, Mervyn."

"Great, I've left an envelope on the bus and I need to get it, could I go and look to see if it's still there?" Again, frantic gestures and drawing rectangles in the air ....

"Yes, yes ..." he said hesitantly obviously not knowing what on earth I was rambling on about.

As I stumbled up the bus looking under seats, I felt the bus move. Oh no, did he not understand and thought I was just explaining to him that I just wanted to go back to the car park????? Nope, thankfully he was just parking up properly. To be fair, he was flagged down practically in the middle of the road, hmm ....

Found it!!! I ran back down to him, thanking him profusely for stopping and letting me look.

"It's ok, it's ok! Thank you, thank you!" he kept saying to me. I'm sure it was because I was now resembling something half human again and he'd was not in fear for his life anymore, heh heh!

Now I've got to face him, probably at 2.30 this afternoon .... who'll have the red face I wonder ....

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