05 December, 2007

Bus Driver Update

Well I am absolutely bouncing!!!

As you are now aware (see my last post) I use the Park and Ride Service into work each day. I emailed the Council to ask if there was a possibility of being picked up on The Kingsway and I had an email a couple of days later confirming that, yes, there is a pick up and explained exactly where it was.

Today I decided I was going to use it. As I stepped on the bus, the driver said that he would let me on this once, but the official pick up was at The Quadrant (quite a distance away). I explained to him that I was told that this was an official pick up point and he practically demanded to know how I came to this conclusion as there was nothing on "his notice board" to say this only that The Kingsway was a drop off point. Argh!!!! I said that I'd emailed the Council who wrote back and would he like me to print it off for him to see? I'm more than happy to do that for you, I said. He wasn't having any of it.

When we arrived at The Quadrant, there was an enormous queue (Chirstmas shoppers) to get on the bus, so I just carried on texting Sue telling her what had happened. In the meantime, he phoned his boss at the Council and was yelling up the bus asking where the lady was that got on at The Kingsway. Mortified was an understatement.

He smirked as he swaggered up the bus, brandishing his mobile at me and practically shoving it in my face telling (sorry, yelling) me to speak to his boss, all the time smirking. You can imagine how I felt, the bus was by now packed, everyone was looking at this circus going on because, lets face it, the driver isn't exactly quiet, whilst he stood there watching my reaction.

The gentleman on the other end asked me ever so politely what the problem was, so I explained about the email and the driver having a problem with me trying to explain that it The Kingsway was an official pick up point. To my horror, he said that the driver was right there wasn't a pick up point on The Kingsway!!!! I nearly died. Then he said that someone was trying to grab his attention and would I mind holding. By this time the whole bus was listening ...

He came back to me and profusely apologised and told me that I was quite right, there was an official pick up at The Kingsway since September!!!! YES!!! RESULT!!! I told him it was quite alright and would he like to speak to the driver now.

Such a sweet moment to watch the driver's smirk wiped right off his face ...

He couldn't even face me when he pulled up at the depot. He practically pushed someone off the bus in his haste to hide in the office, but I'll have the last laugh when I lodge an official complaint about him in the morning. Nobody has the right to take pleasure in making someone feel small and humiliated in front of a crowd of people, even if that someone had the last laugh.


Sam said...

What an excellent result Nicola!! I bet the driver's face was a picture ;o)

Karen said...

I can't believe you were treated so rudely!! I'm sure you felt fantastic when he was wrong in the end!! :)