04 October, 2007

My poor bunny

I had a phone call at work yesterday from Bec's school. She'd had three nosebleeds - one during assembly, one in her English lesson and a huge one in the nurse's office. She's been suffering with nosebleeds for a few years now, off and on, but the doctor is convinced she'll just grow out of it like her dad and me.

She tends to follow a pattern - warning ones first where they are relatively small, then followed a couple of hours later by a really heavy one. Well the really heavy one happened in the nurses office which is the best place to have had one. The nurse wasn't happy to keep her at school and to be honest, neither was I, so I had to and fetch her. My poor baby was like wax and very shaky on her feet, so a cuddle with mum and a few things that we'd taped on the V+ box soon made things better.

I've kept her off school today but I think she'll go back tomorrow to see how she gets on.

For some reason, I've lost my stitchy mojo. I really don't fancy working on Deepest Love at the moment, even though I've entered the Mirabilia BB competition and should have her finished by December. So if anyone sees it lying around, can they please send it back as soon as possible? I know there's a Royal Mail strike at the moment, but I've heard that Pigeon Post is a lot better than it used to be!


Chiloe said...

Poor Rebecca ... I hope she will feel better soon.

To get back your mojo , just check others photo albums, check sew and so and other on line shops ;-) desire will come back fast ;-) well, I hope lol

Mindi said...

Hope your daughter gets over the nosebleeds soon.

When I've lost my mojo, I usually end up starting something new! Maybe that will explain why I have so many WIPs now. Maybe try a small Christmas ornament, or something else small, as a break from Deepest Love?

Sally said...

I hope Bec's will be feeling brighter soon and her nosebleeds get less and less. My youngest DD has them, usually when it's the hayfever season.

Karen said...

I hope Bec is feeling better!

Sorry about your lost MoJo. When I lose my stitching MoJo, I usually just let myself have the break from it for a while. Sometimes we just need to step away from it and return to it feeling refreshed and interested again. : )