01 October, 2007

Deepest Love - Week 1

Ok, as promised (again) here she is after Week 1 ...

Now I have to admit, I very nearly didn't post because I backstitched her eye four times last night, sigh ... I just couldn't get it right but now I'm happy so we're all good. I think once I get a bit more done, I'll start to enjoy her but right now, it's an effort to pick her up.

Personally, I think I was too tired last night to work on her, but a promise is a promise and I'm glad you lot nagged me because I feel a lot happier now that she has a proper face.

I'm pretty sure Queen Mermaid and her have been yapping all night now that I've given her a mouth ... just hope that this one doesn't play with her hair as much as the other one. It was a bugger to comb out every morning.


Anonymous said...

You've made the start and now I'm sure she'll fly by.

Lets hope she doesn't mess her hair up too much lol

Sally said...

Great start Nicola!

Anonymous said...

You've made a great start there Nicola. I'm sure she'll fly once you get a bit more done. I really enjoyed working on this one, and found her a very quick stitch.