21 July, 2007

We Queued!

First of all, thanks for all the encouragement you gave me on Middy! I'm so close to finishing her now, that I'm hoping to be happy dancing by the end of this weekend! Yay! Watch this space!

Last night we went to the launch party at Borders for the Harry Potter book. We arrived at around 10 p.m. (Bec couldn't wait any longer) and watched some flamethrowers before venturing inside to see and stroke some magnificent owls.

After a wander around the shop, we decided it was very thirsty work so had a Starbucks and a biscuit to keep our strength up (well that's my story anyway).

Now there's only so many times you can walk around a shop, so went for a wander around the mall to kill time until it was time to queue (I told her 10 was too early). We joined at the entrance to the shop doorway which meant we had the whole length of the shop to go before we could get to the books! We were entertained by Hagrid and Harry wandering around though, plus there was plenty of sweets for the kids to get nicely hyper in the queue ...

The countdown started at 11:45 with an announcement at 11:55 to say that the books had just arrived, hmm ... at 12:01 (after a 10 second countdown, the books were finally given out, but it took us another half an hour to get to it, plus another half an hour queueing the other way to pay for the damn thing. When we got to the cashier, it had to be "He Who Must Not Be Named" To be honest, with his shaved head, white make up and creepy contact lenses which made his eyes orange and pupils into slits, I couldn't quite meet his eyes and phyiscally shivered when he handed me my change (his hand touched mine, yuk!)

We were glad we went though, being part of the hype and everything. Plus there won't be another time when we can do it, so it was now or never!

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