14 June, 2007

Big Changes Afoot

Gary's friend, Paul runs his own business. To be fair, he's worked hard and it's very successful. His brother-in-law has left to go elsewhere thus creating a vacancy, which Paul wants Gary to fill. They've been friends for years and years and both trust each other implicitly.

Last night Paul asked Gary to call to his house so they could talk. He finally walked back in nearly four hours later, hmm...

They talked quite extensively about the job and to be honest, the way things are with the Council at the moment, he's not sure if he still wants to be there. They are constantly talking about striking, apparently there was a demonstration through Swansea whilst we were away, plus he says that they have to literally fight for everything. The union reps seem to be continually in meetings with someone or another trying to work things through with the management. Morale is at an all time low and there's talks of privatising a lot of the work.

So you see, Paul's job offer sounds more attractive by the minute.

The down side is that they are first and foremost, friends. How will that affect their relationship? Paul's business is only three years old (but he turned over £2.5 million this year, so he must be doing something right), and I can't think of any other down side right now.

The upside is that he won't have to work any more weekends to make his money up to something worth taking home in his paypacket each week, he'll have a company van at his disposal which means he won't be trekking the 10 - 12 miles to work every morning on a motorbike, which is damn handy come winter, and Paul really, really wants him to work for him so I know he'll be looked after.

I think he has some weighing up and some thinking to do over the next couple of weeks. Paul is looking to have him on board by the end of July.

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