12 June, 2007

Post Birthday!

Thanks to everyone who posted yesterday! Yep she really loved her presents (as I knew she would), the socks were a complete surprise to her though as she always thought that I'd ask her what colour she'd like. It was nice to see her face light up when she saw them. She loved the colour and is already looking forward to wearing them in the winter!

She had a lovely birthday and felt thoroughly spoiled. My stepfather ordered a lovely cake for her that was absolutely delicious washed down with a glass or two of champagne. We're out for a meal on Saturday and the following Friday she's off to see "Buddy" (another little surprise from me that she knew nothing about, hee hee!)

I rang her this morning and she's in a tither with all four of the girls as she can't decide who's going where! She's just had her living room completely redecorated, with new carpets and sofas to match so the addition of the cross stitches will put the final touches to it.

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