14 May, 2007

My latest WIP!!

Yes, I'm very excited! I've finally started Silver Moon Fairy. After many hours of emails back and forth to Claire at Stitch Direct we finally settled on a gorgeous pewter grey fabric. I decided early on that I wanted to stitch her on 25 ct 2 over 2! Yep, the fabric is humongous!! Claire even had to start me off! The first page was blank and I was terrified of starting her myself, so I gave that honour to Claire, bless her! She told me she counted and recounted a couple of times before she went near the fabric with the needle, but it's all looking good so far. As you can see, there's not much to see right now, heh heh heh!! But it's a start, and after a 15 month hiatus, I think it's a pretty neat start, what do you think?!

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