16 May, 2007

The Customer's Always Right? I don't think so.

What do you think of this? My colleague went over the road for some coffee and I decided I fancied one today (she goes nearly every day). I told her I'd like a decaff Americano. When she came back it had milk in it. Now every time I've ordered Americano, it's always been black. I don't drink milk. She was mortified and rang them straight away explaining that she'd asked for an Americano but it had come back with milk. Do you know they wouldn't admit they were at fault? They said that the customer had to say if they wanted it black!! I'm amazed!! For goodness sake, everyone knows an Americano is BLACK COFFEE!! Sheesh! If they'd apologised and said yes, we're sorry, come back over and I'll exchange it, fair enough, but they wouldn't. I'm boycotting them now. (And I used to go in there every week for my lunch with Sue ...)

On the stitchy front, I'm lovin "Syliva". I think it's a good name for her, don't you?! I've now finished the top of the moon which means another page is complete. I love not having full pages to stitch right at the start, it's pushing me on, no end! Yay! I'm hoping to finish another page by the end of the week too!


Bev said...

just had a sneak peek at Sylvia and she will be gorgeous , how fat do you stitch to get a page done by the end of the week, cant wait for a pic

Bev said...

oops meant to say g=how fast do you stitch, doh!! lol