17 May, 2007

Does this seem fair to you?

We've all had to have our pay frozen this year because one of our companies is in trouble, that's fair enough, we don't mind that. But when the Chief Executive then spends £30,000 on a company car, its rubbing our noses in it a bit. Oh yes, and the HR Manager is having a new one too. But now, we have another cost cutting exercise, they've taken our water coolers away too. Where we used to have two or three on each floor, we now have one, sheesh, do you think they've quite got their priorities right? ... Bad isn't it?

Bungee, Bec's karate teacher, called me to one side again last night and said that although her foot had improved, she was still not right on it and he'd make a decision whether or not she'll grade at the course on Friday. I'd rather she did it to get it out of the way, otherwise we'll have to wait until after our holiday until she does it, but if she's in pain, then she's in pain and there's nothing else we can do but wait. I don't want her hurting for the sake of a grading that can be put back to when she's better.

Bev has asked me how long on average I take to stitch a HAED page. Well, at the moment, I have very little on the page to stitch as I'm stitching the moon, there may be around 500 - 600 stitches per page so they don't take long - on average a week. Once I get to the full pages though, I'll be a lot longer, although I don't have a lot of colour changes with Syliva so I think I'd be a bit quicker than average. It'll be interesting to find out and I'll keep you posted.

Going to pick up my tickets for the holiday tonight - whoo hoo!! I'm going in 10 days!!!

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