21 May, 2007

Didn't Grade

Bec went to the pre-grading course on Friday night, worked her socks off (bless her) then was told to wait whilst the black belts went into a huddle. Altogether there were 12 purple belts to grade. After an anxious wait, her instructor called the purple belts together. He explained that some of them just weren't ready to grade to brown yet but said to Bec that it was her foot/ankle that was letting her down. He said that he could see she was trying but he knew that the judges would pick up that she had a weakness and mark her down for it. Because of this he didn't want to put her through a grading and possibly have her fail.

She came out breaking her heart.

I told her that it wasn't because she wasn't good enough, it was simply that Bungee wanted her to be fit and strong for when she graded. He wasn't giving her a row because she wasn't good enough, he was simply telling her that she wasn't fit enough right now. I explained that our holiday would do her good and she'd be fit and refreshed for it when she came back.

Bless her. Even Bungee felt for her, but I totally understood where he was coming from and was grateful that he didn't want to push her to be honest.

Anyway, it's been put back to sometime in July. Watch this space.

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Karen said...

Oh, I'm sorry she didn't grade. :( She must have been so disappointed. I suppose it is for the best, though. Better to wait until she's strong and ready than push her adhead before it's time. She'll just be that much better next time around!