09 June, 2007

Back from Torremolinos!!!

Yep, I've been away for two weeks on holiday! Weather brilliant - I'm tanned, food - delicious - I'm fit to burst, drink - plenty, it was an all inclusive hotel, please draw your own conclusions...

Well that was the good news. Now for the bad. We were robbed. Yep. Robbed.

We arrived at the hotel, checked in and realised that whilst someone had distracted my mother, his accomplice had it away with one of the flight bags. Not only were the travellers cheques in there, but our tickets to fly back home too. A digital camera, shaver and sunglasses were also in there. A fine start. I phoned the 24 hour Thomson helpline who gave me the local Police Station's number and also told me that we would have to pay approx. £30 per each for replacement tickets, sigh ... After 6 failed attempts to speak to an interpreter, I gave up and decided to see the Rep when she arrived at the hotel in the morning. In the meantime though, my mother spoke to a different Rep who phoned a taxi for us to go to the Police Station instead.

I spoke to a really nice policeman who was so helpful. He took us to a back room, phoned a number so that I could report it and get a crime reference number (it must have been a central station type thing) then he took me to see the Leiutenant in charge who formally did the paperwork and gave me the report so that we can claim off the insurance now that we are home.

The next morning, I saw the Rep at the hotel who explained that since we didn't lose the tickets, but were stolen, then it would be highly likely that we could just have replacements free of charge - what a relief. I couldn't settle until we had the replacements in my hands, but that wasn't to be. We'd have to collect them when we got to the airport. But in all fairness she was wonderful. She phoned ahead of our departure and had our names flash up when we went through departures, so the replacement tickets were completely hassle free.

The rest of the holiday went without a hitch though - we had lovely weather, we walked around the town and visited the local market a couple of times. I'm a homebird though, I like to stay in my surroundings which was fine by Rebecca as she was constantly in the pool or playing the Med with me. Unfortunately, the sea was very rough and the sand more shingly than smooth so we didn't venture very deep in the water, which is a shame, because I love to swim in the sea. Never mind, I was happy - I was near water!

Rebecca loved to play Bingo every night! The money was high, averaging 200 Euros per game (2 games a night) but she didn't win, although she was quite happy to play.

There was also a cinema at the hotel so we enjoyed Shrek 3 one night too, it's not out over here yet, and yes, it was a very bad copy we saw!

Nightly entertainment was generally good. Mainly singers doing cover versions, some good, some not so good, but entertaining all the same. Hypnotists, comedians, parrot shows and of course, the obligatory flamenco dancers! One of the singers took quite a shine to Gary though, she wandered into the audience, stood behind him and then flung her leg over his shoulder - mortified was an understatement. I don't know if he was burning with sunburn or with embarrassment - he assures me it was the sun ... hmmm.

Pics tomorrow!

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