23 February, 2007

At last!

This week I've been knitting frantically to get these socks done in time for my step-father's birthday on Sunday ...

This morning, I'm finally finished! Whew, what a relief!

Because I've been knitting all week (plus Bec has been home for half term so we've been doing other things), I haven't had much chance to stitch Peace Angel for the SAL, but I thought I'd show you a pic anyway.

(It's from my camera-phone so I apologise for the poor quality).

Can't wait to show you what else I've been making ~ I can't yet though as it's a birthday present for someone very special (who reads my blog). Shhh!!


Sue said...

Oh, I love those socks. Someday I am determined to knit a pair, they looks so soft and comfy.

Karen said...

Another great pair of socks Nicola!!