02 January, 2007


I've suffered with psoriasis for the past ten years, but for the past six months it's really flared up and I'm extremely self conscious about it lately. I was chatting to my mum about it and she suddenly remember that a friend of hers had a daughter with the same problem. She lives out in the U.S. and works in a hospital.

Apparently she saw a Dermatologist there who told her what foods to eat and which to avoid (it's very restrictive!) and she's kindly passed it on to me. I've spent the last two hours on Tesco's website reading nearly every label on the foods that I *am* allowed to eat. The upshot is, that her psoriasis has cleared up completely (and hasn't come back for the past 8 years since she followed this, and has now re-introduced the foods that she avoided (very carefully and slowly) and is scale and flake free!

It's going to be a hard slog as I'm such a foodie, but it's worth a shot. Wish me luck!

Can I just mention to everyone who's been commenting on my blog that it's wonderful to read your comments and such a joy to share my stitching and knitting progresses with you. More to come soon as I've been getting together and tweaking a rotation, once I'm happy with it, I'll reveal all!


Karoline said...

Good luck Nicola

Karen said...

Good luck with the diet, Nicola! My mom had psoriasis for years and suddenly it just cleared up and has never come back. I think it was the feverfew she was taking for migraines, but we can't be sure. If you read up on feverfew, you'll see that it's sometimes used for psoriasis, so who knows! At any rate, good luck to you! : )