06 December, 2006

Nattering ...

Yesterday, Bec phoned me at the office at around 4.20 to tell me that I had to be at her school for a Parents Evening by 5.50, hmm, now what you have to understand is that I don't actually get home until 5.30, given that the rush hour traffic is now 10 times worse since we hit December and the wonderful Council decided six months ago to dig up all the roads in Swansea and make a new one way system, which seems to change continually and does nothing to allieviate fraught nerves.

Yes, she looks so angelic opening her Advent calendar, doesn't she? To be fair, she had an absolutely glowing report. Well above average in all subjects and working above potential in mathematics. You can just see me puffing my chest out, can't you?!

My dear friend in America, Rosie, sent over a Christmas bauble kit that we decided to have a go at on Monday too ... I'm praying that it comes out something like the picture. Basically its lace, sequins, beads and pins. The instructions are a bit confusing, but I think that working between us and constant referring back to the picture should have the bauble ending up something like it should, hmmm!

The beauty of not having a website for the bauble means that you don't get to know if it turns out right or wrong! Heh heh heh!

Every first Wednesday of the month, our company shuts down for two hours to enable staff to either have a team meeting or for workshop training. Well today, it was workshop training. The Company (in it's wisdom) decided to buy some "Evac Chairs" basically its a chair that will slide down the stairs like a sled to get injured people out in a fire or accident, hmmmm .... I missed the first half an hour as I was late getting into work because of traffic (sigh) so I was at a disadvantage of seeing how it was done. Of course, I get picked on (in the nicest possible way)because I'm late, and I totally disgraced myself when I was sitting in it and thought I was going to fall out over the stairs when in the trainers words "you must approach the top of the stairs aggressively to get the chair to tip over them" were said. Yep, I screeched the place down, and in a stairwell, that's not a good noise to hear, tends to echo ... the poor girl who was behind me, trying to grasp this new fandangled contraption, nearly had a heart attack.

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