26 December, 2006

Lovely Christmas!

Had a lovely Christmas, very relaxing as I went to my mother's for Christmas lunch! We take it in turns, so I don't get spoiled every year!

Bec wasn't up too early which was lovely although she had a devil of a time getting to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Had the most wonderful presents though, not one but FIVE charts, how lucky am I? Here they are (Dreams of Atlantis isn't there as it was via email, but still on my wishlist for a bit in case you want to see it)

I also had the most beautiful scissors fob from Sue ...

See the mermaids and starfish? Absolutely perfect for me!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will manage to get lots of stitching time in over the festive period. I'm hoping I will!


J Rae said...

Gorgeous scissor fob! I know you must love it!

Anonymous said...

looks like a few other things can come off your wish list too!