18 October, 2006

Stitching Session

Sue and me have decided on a plan of action. She's stitching an afghan for a friend of hers who's having twins (her other friend is stitching one too) but she really doesn't want to do it as she's not sure the mother will appreciate it (I can see her point, I've been stung by that before). So what I told her was to stitch on Thursday and Friday night when she's in and then come over to my
house on Saturday morning, plonk herself down and get on with it and see how she gets on, if it's a successful session then she can come over every weekend and get it done.

This means that whilst she's busily stitching away on the afghan, I can happily carry on with Country Fall.

What do you think of her so far?

Will I get her done by the end of October do you think? I'd like to as I have four mug huggers to make and decorate before the middle of December too ~ watch this space!

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