18 October, 2006

Just a yap

I tried to get Gary a driving theory test CD rom for lorries at lunchtime. We had a copy but it's not working properly so he may as well have the proper one and then sell it on ebay once he's finished with it. It was strange watching
it last night as the car on the film was driving through my home town of
Morriston! This cd rom is nationwide and my lil ole town was on it. I
think it's so wrong that he has to sit a theory test seeing as he's already
passed his car and bike licence. It costs oodles of money but the Council are paying for it.

Guess when his test is?

Yup, his birthday! Heh heh heh! Stressed out will be an understatement if his
bike test was anything to go by! I met him after he'd passed his car licence, but apparently, when he failed the first time (passed on his second go) he slammed the door so hard in temper, the examiner nearly shot out the other side ...

Went on a course to Bristol last week. I hate going on courses especially when they are well over an hour away by train. I'm a homebird, always have been, so I was not a happy bunny. The course as it goes went okay, I was with a nice crowd of girlys and we had a good yap on the train up and back, but all I really wanted to do was go home (and that was at the Station before we even left!)

The next day though, I was so shattered, I could hardly string a sentence together. The girls in the office were highly amused when I kept saying the same thing over and over and then adding, "I've just said that, haven't I?"

Hmmm ...

Bec has her bone scan on Friday. She's really worrying about it. She has to be at the hospital at 9 a.m. to have some radio active stuff put in her and then wait for three hours before they actually do the bone scan which I think is going to play on her nerves. They are twanging already, I dread to think what she'll be like on the day, bless her heart.

One of the instructions says that I'm not allowed to cuddle her for 24 hours.

We've tried to make light of it and say that she'll be glowing like the Ready Brek advert or that she'll be able to read a book in the dark but she's really stressing. All I can do is re-assure her and tell her that she's one step closer to getting better. After this there's a likelihood that there'll be no more x-rays and such.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Redwitch said...

Fingers x'd for the driving test and the bone scan - both v.scary! Love yr WIP on the previous post BTW - reminds me a bit of Holly Hobby.