21 October, 2006

Bec's bone scan

Well, she was really, really nervous yesterday morning, nerves were twanging to say the least. We had to go to the Children's Wing of the hospital where the nurse put some local anaesthetic gel on her hands and left her for a while. Then after about an hour, the doctor put a canular (sp?) in and she was absolutely marvellous, the nurse and doctor were amazed that she didn't flinch at all. She let out a huge sigh of relief when it was all done though which made us chuckle.

We wandered over to the Nuclear Medicine department where she had some radio active stuff put in her by this really lovely doctor who said that girls were much braver than boys. I swear she floated out. Then we had to wait for three hours for it to go through her body, so we went for a pizza. She had to drink loads of liquid to push the stuff through which resulted in many trips to the loo!

The scan machine came really close to her and she started to panic a bit, she was worse under the machine than actually having anything else all day, but if that was her fear, then that was her fear. The Radiographer was absolutely brilliant with her though and held her hand and chatted to her all the time, afterwards she showed me the screen and how her growth plates were glowing more than the rest of her bones, which was amazing to see. The whole scan took around 20 minutes, but to Bec I think it was around 20 hours, bless her.

We now have to wait for two weeks for the results.

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Karen said...

So sorry she had a hard time with the scan. Those things are pretty scarey for grown-ups, so I can imagine it's much worse when you're younger. Hopefully the results will be okay.