21 October, 2006

Stitchy day!

I mentioned in a previous post that Sue, one of my best friends, was coming over today with her stitching. She's doing an afghan for a friend, but her heart isn't really in it because she's not sure whether her friend will appreciate all the time and effort that goes into making these things.

Anyway, here's the before and after photos of how she did today.

Not bad, huh?

I was thrilled to get Country Fall's dress all finished too, I'm onto the grassy bit now (which I'm hating).

I'm not giving up on it though, just going to persevere through this bit and backstitch the dress before I go on with the little birdhouse.

1 comment:

Barb said...

Your Country fall piece is so cute! I love it. Your friend's afghan is looking great too. It looks like it may be the same afghan my sister-in-law is doing for her future grandbaby due in Dec.