12 September, 2006

First week at Comp!

Well, Rebecca has survived her first week at Comprehensive! Talk about nerves twanging on her first day!

The favourite subject seems to be Science at the moment, which is all good if she wants to be a vet. I'm just hoping she doesn't have "experiments" for homework or I might not have a house left ...

She's had homework every night so far (and so have I, covering books). Nothing too taxing although last night she had maths homework that went completely over my head. I'm so relieve that she didn't ask me to help her with it (mops sweaty brow). Maths was never my strong subject, I'm just glad it seems to be one of hers.

Her music teacher has asked if she'd like extra violin lessons too, so that will be every Tuesday morning. I'm not sure if she can join the orchestra yet. I'm thinking the teacher is sussing her out first, hmmm...

I sent a note in yesterday asking that she doesn't do P.E. until we've seen her Consultant on Thursday and taken his advice. Of course, the very thing that she's doing this term is gymnastics (and doing handstands is what got her into this mess in the first place). The teacher was great with her and told her that of course it's perfectly fine not to do it yet. If the Consultant says no, I'll have to get a long term sick paper from the doctor though. No biggie, I hope.

All in all, she's enjoying it so far, which is a tremendous relief.

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