16 August, 2006

Gym Session

Went last night with "himself". We briskly walked on the treadmill which he coped with okay. He seems to be settling into it more now and relaxing. Gary still can't get on with the rower though. I thought he just plain hated it, but it turns out that it's hurting him to use it. I think it's pulling on his shoulders too much and he says he feels like it's burning.

I pootled off to the cross trainer and Gary carried on with the treadmill, then went on to the weights.

Now Flint has told Gary to do 20 reps for his arms, move on to 20 reps for his trunk, then 20 reps for his legs in that type of rotation. Each time moving on to another machine. The way Gary has done it in the past is 10 reps on arms, arms and arms (after 10 reps moving on to another machine, but still working on the arms), then the next session (different day) work on, say, legs, then leave trunk for another day. The problem being now, that he can't do 20 reps, no matter if he does them light or heavy. He's decided now that Flint doesn't know what he's talking about and he's going to do them his way instead, sigh ... up to him, I'm staying out of it.

He's got another session with Flint tomorrow, so we'll see what comes out of that then.

The fact that I've lost half a stone (7lbs) in two months, by doing it Flint's way, without dieting counts for nothing, it seems.

Oh well, we're okay now (thank you for the comment, Sam!) so we'll just amble along at the gym doing our own thing.

Tonight I'm off to see Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in a castle! Can't wait!


Karen said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!

Shakespeare in a castle? I'm tooooo jealous! Have fun.

Michelle said...

Glad things are a bit better now Nichola and big congrats on the weight loss.