15 August, 2006

Bec's appointment update - part 1

I say Part 1 because it hasn't actually come through yet, read on ...

I've just phoned Morriston Hospital to find out where Bec's appointment was. What a palava!

It took me ages to get through at first, then the secretary couldn't find Bec on her computer. When she finally did, she said that the last time she saw Mr Price was 17 May 2005.

That's right, I said.

I'm confused now, she said.

I explained that Mr Price signed her off on 17 May as there was nothing more he could do for her because her spine would heal itself, which we know now that it hasn't. The GP referred her to Mr Price and Mr Price sent her a referral for an MRI, so she hasn't actually had an appointment with Mr Price yet. With me so far?

Anyway, the secretary told me that she'd look into it and phone me back, which she did. Apparently the letter didn't come from Morriston at all (it did!), it came from St Phillips Parade which is the Children's Orthopaedic Clinic just down the road apiece from where I work. So far Bec has been to Morriston, Singleton and now St Phillips Parade Hospitals - there is no other hospital in Swansea (apart from the private one) that she can actually go to.

The secretary said that I should have phoned St Phillips as soon as I had the appointment for the MRI to arrange to see Mr Price there, but I wasn't told this. Can you imagine if I wasn't savvy enough to ring and check? I'd be waiting forever, sigh ....

The Secretary had already phoned St Phillips on my behalf (bless her) and she's told me that they are arranging an appointment asap. Yeah, rrrrright ....

Coming back down now ....stress, stress, STRESS!!!!

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