16 July, 2006


Had a great day today. After posting this morning, I decided to sort out all my clothes and give them to charity (I had a Great Ormand Street Hospital bag through my door last week). Once Rebecca saw what I was doing, she was all for sorting out her clothes too, which was great! It only took about an hour and we filled three bags between us!

I'm definitely in the Spring Clean mood now even though it's high summer! If I do a room at a time over a few weekends, I think the house will be lovely come Autumn, so I've made lists of what needs doing and placed them in my sidebar. I feel like I've achieved things when I can cross things off a list, funny but true...

After starting to feel sick (these new anti biotics keep giving me waves of nausea) I spent the rest of the afternoon at my mothers (she cooks a wonderful Sunday roast and I really look forward to them - thanks Mam!) Then it was out in the garden to try out the new bench swing they'd bought yesterday - it was totally lush just swinging in the sun and yapping for hours on end with a latte or two to keep the vocal chords nicely lubricated!

I took my cross stitch up but it was just too warm to do it, I find that it can get grubby if I'm too hot and I don't like holding the needle when my hands are hot anyway, so I left it, although the thought was there...

Gary is working hard in the garden, laying new slabs down. Hopefully he'll be done by the time we get a week off in a fortnight's time then we can really enjoy sitting in the garden (perhaps with a bench or some patio furniture) with a bottle of wine and some alfresco eating in the evening when it's nice and cool ... bliss!

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