16 July, 2006

Clive's 40th

One of my brothers in law was 40 yesterday and decided to throw a party to celebrate (he's like that!) Anyway, we took the car, because I'm still on anti-biotics and can't drink and as we had Rebecca with us, it was easier all round to just jump in the car and come home when she'd had enough. She lasted until 11.30 though, so she had a good innings!

(I'm writing this at 10 a.m. in the morning and there's still no sign of her waking up yet!)

Anyway, Clive always throws a good party, plenty of food, drink, atmosphere, so we knew we were in for a good time. Of course, there's always a fly in the ointment which was Alana (my sister in law from hell), but I totally avoided her all evening and sat well away from her, so it was okay. (She seems to think that I'm smarting over Rebecca's birthday party ?????? I've got no idea what she means, but there you go. I was all for strutting up to her and saying, "No actually, it's not Bec's birthday, it's your %&*(^&$ wedding, I'm smarting about") I digress ...

The DJ discovered that the balloons were filled with helium and thoroughly enjoyed speaking like an Ompa Lompa all night which also brought back fond memories of Sharon, Gary, Peter and me doing the same thing at Adrian and (gag) Alana's wedding.

It was lovely to catch up with all our friends though, these days time just goes so quickly, so it's nice to "work the room to catch up"!!

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