14 July, 2006

MRI Scan

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Rebecca was referred back to the Consultant about her crushed vertebrae in her spine. Well this morning a letter came through asking her to attend Radiology on 31 July for an MRI scan.

I've got mixed feelings about this as she's very frightened about it (naturally) but at least we'll know exactly what's going on, maybe even why it hasn't healed up after 15 months too.

I'm more worried about what happens *after* the MRI ...

God, I hope she'll be alright.


Karen said...

Have you requested an open MRI? This way, she won't be enclosed in anything. I've had two MRIs, and both were open, and they were a breeze. All you do is lay there as still as possible and listen to music on the headphones they give you. It's over before you know it. OPEN is the way to go!

Nicola said...

Hi Karen

Well it says on the leaflet they've provided that she won't be totally enclosed, so I'm hoping that it'll be the same ones as you had. Fingers crossed!