09 July, 2006

Well ...

So much has happened during the last week! I finally went to the doctor's about this hacking up a lung business on Monday morning and he immediately gave me anti-biotics and put me on the sick for a week, so I've been like a lady of leisure slopping around the house! I wish! I've still been trying to hack a major organ up!

Wednesday, Rebecca spent the day at the Comprehensive school that she'll be attending in September (my old school too, actually!) Anyway, she was a little apprehensive about going, naturally, but she came out absolutely beaming which was such a relief. She really enjoyed her day there and was quite happily looking forward to going there in September. Between you and me, I think she's outgrown Junior school now and is ready to move on. I went back there in the evening to meet her teacher and was told that she'll have the same form tutor for the next five years which is good as they'll build up a good relationship, I think. Rebecca also seems to have mixed in with a different crowd too who seem more mature than her usual friends, mature in a good way, not a grown up before your time way.

Gary went away for the weekend too. I didn't find it a bit strange, it was almost a relief actually. I really hate coughing in the middle of the night and keeping him awake. Two o'clock on the dot you can guarantee that the tickle will start and it'll last about an hour, sigh ...

Talking of which, Gary has just walked in! He's been to Goodwood where there's all types of cars, sports, vintage, rallying etc and he totally loved it. I went outside to "meet and greet" and expected Paul to be driving, but he was sitting in the back and Roger was driving it. Apparently, Ceri drove it up (it's a BMW 5 series and very, very nice, thank you very much!) then Paul drove it around all weekend, then Ceri drove it half way and Roger took over ... the four of them look totally shattered though! I think they are all going to be sleeping on their noses come 8 o'clock tonight!

Well I'm back in work tomorrow after a fortnight off and have to book a day off on Tuesday ... think that'll go down very well? No, I thought not too! I have to though, Bec has her first violin exam, shudder!!!

Told you I had a busy week didn't I?!

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