09 June, 2006

Rebecca's X-Ray

Last year Rebecca did a handstand in the school yard, tipped over and landed flat on her back. At first it was thought that she had only sprained her neck, but after that had healed up the pain started in her back.

Several x-rays later and it turned out that she'd crushed a vertebrae in her spine. She was told she had to have complete rest, no karate (which she loves) or running around.

After losing two weeks off school and another two weeks for the Easter break, she felt well enough to go back to school, but only to be sitting down during each playtime and lunchtime break, which of course, nearly drove her nuts.

Anyway, over the past month or so, she's been complaining that her back is hurting her a lot so another trip to the doctor was organised who referred her for more x-rays, to be cautious.

Last Tuesday (6th) she had another two, one on laying on her back and one laying on her side. I don't think she was very comfortable on her side as I've noticed when she's sleeping, she very rarely sleeps that way any more.

We have to go back to the doctors for the results on the 19th and I'm praying it's just growing pains and that her vertebrae is just complaining that she's growing and that it's nothing more sinister, sigh ...

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Karen said...

I'll keep Rebecca in my thoughts. The good thing about being so young, is that you bounce back from injuries so well. I'm sure she will be just fine. : )