11 June, 2006

Mam's birthday

Had a lovely day today. We decided to take my mother out for a meal as it was her birthday. There's a particular restaurant that we like to eat at called "The Hungry Horse" and I'm not surprised at the name either, they serve meals on platters!

I enjoy a Sunday Roast and so does my mother, so we had two children's portions (which neither of us managed to finish so that should give you an idea how big the portions are ...) then back to her house for a latte and a cream cake! (Thank goodness I went to the gym this morning or I'd have popped for sure!

We sat in the garden for the rest of the day and just chilled out. We opened a bottle of wine, read the Sunday papers and generally just crisped in the sun ... beautiful!

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a great day. We also have a hungry horse round here and the portions are massive. Four of us decided to share their special pud and I swear it was a fruit bowl filled with ice cream and chocs. I think there were 20 odd scoops and several bags of maltesers lol. Lovely restruant but you would need a horse with you to finish anything. ;-)