13 June, 2006


Flint is my Personal Trainer and a really great guy. After warming up earlier I jumped onto the treadmill and he came behind me and poked me in the ribs. After telling him that I could give myself my own heart attack on any of these machines here and didn't need his help to do it, thank you very much, we had a chat about how I was doing.

I told him that I felt great, enjoyed going to the gym (it wasn't a chore, but I actually looked forward to going - I think he believed me!) and that I felt I was getting fitter with each session. I'm probably not, but I feel like I am and that's what counts, doesn't it?

Off he pootled to leave me get on with it but a few minutes later, he was back and upping my speed! The cheek of it! Apparently, I have a long gait and I wasn't getting the full benefit, so to rectify this, I have to walk quicker, imagine Jon Inman and you'll get the idea ...

Then I moved onto the rower. Now I have to admit, I absolutely loathe the rower and like to get that out of the way pretty early into my work out, so that gets done second. He stood behind me for a few moments but said nothing, so I thought I was doing pretty good. WRONG! I was rowing too fast, he wants me to burn fat not doing a cardio workout, which I was doing. But to be fair to me, I honestly didn't think I was doing it wrong, so I think I get forgiven on that one.

He didn't (or I think he didn't) watch me when I got to the cross trainer, but he'd already checked me out on that last Saturday, so that's one thing I must be getting right. Right??

All this today and I'm seeing him on Sunday for a personal one to one. Feels like I've already had *that* session!

The funny part about it though, I went to my locker to pick up my bag and stuff and my phone chirped to tell me I had a voicemail. Guess who? Yep, Flint! He was wondering why I hadn't turned up for my one to one session earlier. Now if only he'd got the right date and realised that it was me he was picking on, sorry, guiding for the past hour and a half ...

Hee hee hee, revenge is so sweet ... didn't he look a fool when he listened to my phone message!

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Karen said...

Happy to hear you're enjoying your workouts! Exercising feels great, doesn't it? Just think, every time you do it, you're closer to better health. : )