29 May, 2006

Personal Trainer

Spent an hour with a Personal Trainer yesterday. He was *so* good! He explained to me the difference between achieving my goals quickly or the preferred long term, via a marathon runner and Linford Christie. The marathon runner way is much better as I won't be constantly running on adrenaline and therefore gain a very high level of fitness which I'll be able to sustain in the long term.

He broke down a lot of my problems into four pieces ...

1. I don't drink enough water.
2. Therefore I eat more because I'm mistaking thirst for hunger.
3. I can't sleep because my body is still digesting food because it's still in "day mode"
4. I don't exercise.

He's worked out a programme for me that I found I can do.

15 minutes on the treadmill.
15 mintues on the bike
10 minutes on the rowing machine
10 minutes on the cross trainer.
20+ sit ups using a ball
20+ press ups using a ball
20 reps with conditioning weights

I think it's achievable, hmm ...

We did have a scary moment on the cross trainer though. My heart rate went up to 180 which wasn't good. He put it down to a faulty cross trainer and we moved to the next one, unfortunately, it turned out to be my heart after all, so I'm not allowed to warm up on that in future sessions.

My heart rate at the beginning of exercise was a very, very bad 120 and when he told me that it should between 60 and 70, I was absolutely horrified. If that hasn't sprurred me into action, I don't know what will.

I told him that I felt fit when I lost all my weight a few years ago but my shape didn't really change and he then explained the difference between being "Swim Fit" and "All Over Fit".

He said that my body shape will change over time if I carry on with the swimming but incorporate the gym routine into it as well.

I want to lose 13 kg.

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Lindsey said...

Sounds cool. Hope you stick with it and I'm sure you'll lose the 13 kg in no time. '')

Haha, if it were me though... I'd do that program like a couple of times and then eventually be like "ugh.. I dont feel like doing this anymore." Hehe... but right now I'm determined to get into better shape for tennis season. =)