26 May, 2006


Went to a private sports club today to check it out. I've really got to get in shape if I'm going to do this Channel Swim Challenge in September. There's loads of classes for me to get my fitness levels up, plus a really hi-tech gym (that Rebecca can join when she's 11 and that's just four weeks away and counting!)

I took Rebecca with me and we had a swim in the outdoor heated pool which was quite bizarre as it was raining and foggy at the time ...

Anyway, I've signed up for a year's membership (although I'm worrying that I can afford it now because it's not exactly cheap), but I've had a good pay rise, so I should be okay even though I'm biting my fingernails as we speak!!

There was a lovely bar there that served food, hot and cold drinks and some delicious pastries so I think the membership fee to use *those* facilities is enough enticement for me!

What was nice about it was that the showers were private, there was liquid soap for you to use, a spinner for your bather and then hairdryers, mirrors and tissues for your personal use afterwards - can you imagine all that in a Council run pool? Nope, thought not ...

I've got an appointment with a personal trainer on Sunday night so s/he can devise a fitness programmme for me, can't wait!

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