19 April, 2006


Over the Easter break I joined a SAL (Stitch-a-long for the uninitiated!) with my friend, Claire. If anyone was the one to push me to get started on my mother's birthday present, it was her, plus she'll keep nagging (err, encouraging) me until I get her done. So from now on, I'm going to post my weekly progress until it's finished.

Here she is so far ... It's by Passione Ricamo and called Country Summer. She's the second one I'm stitching for her as she had "Spring" for Christmas. This one is apt because my mother's birthday is in June.

I'm looking forward to getting this one done quickly as I'm itching to get back to my HAED stitching. I've got far too many charts and far too little time to stitch them in (and I can see fellow stitchers nodding their heads and smiling as they agree with me...)


Sam said...

Country Summer is looking great Nicola :o)

Karen said...

Nodding in agreement...too many charts, too little time! Country Summer looks beautiful. : )