02 April, 2006

Sigh ....

Went to Pronuptia yesterday to pick up Rebecca's bridesmaid dress, as predicted, it didn't fit. Personally, I wanted Pronuptia to alter it, but Alana insisted that her grandmother was a brilliant seamstress and would have it fitting perfectly by the time she'd finished with it.

We took it up to her there and then and her grandmother casually mentioned that her eyesight was really bad -you can imagine how *that* filled me with confidence, can't you? Anyway, she started with the hem, I think about three inches has to come off, I'm hoping that she doesn't sew a thick, ugly hem onto the dress as the top layer is voile and it's going to look awful if it's not done right.

Next I told her that the back and chest were gaping. Alana had this mouthy girl with her who insisted that it was fine. Well no, actually, I wanted to scream, it's not fine. I wanted it right. The fact that I absolutely hate the dress is another matter. I prayed that Alana wouldn't ask me if I liked it or not because I know she'd be able to tell from my face that I was lying if I just said yes.

There's a thin strap of flowers over the shoulder that I know are going to annoy Bec because they are slipping down all the time - did I mention that the dress doesn't fit? I asked Alana's gran if she'd tighten them slightly and she just grabbed the flowers and tried folding them into the bodice of the dress. A proper seamstress would just unpick the strap and reposition it, even *I* could see that ...

I asked about taking the back and chest part of the bodice in so that it wasn't gaping but (according to her grandmother and the mouthy piece) it couldn't be done. I'd already asked the seamstress in Pronuptia if it could and she had told me that there was a large seam either side, just for that purpose.

I'm not happy, not happy at all.

I'm debating about whether or not to ask Sharon's grandmother if she'll alter it for me ....

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